How to Create Your Own Shredding Algorithm

If you have been using Easy File Shredder for a while, then we are sure that you managed to check out all of its shredding methods. But what if you’d rather use a totally unique method? No problem – Easy File Shredder makes it easy to create your own shredding algorithm in seconds. The unique pattern of a custom shredding method will protect your deleted files in a unique way.

Creating a shredding method

Here is how you can create your own algorithm:

  1. Expand the algorithm selection drop-down menu and click on Configure
  2. In the new window, click on New to create a new algorithm
  3. Name the new method and enter a description
  4. Configure the shredding method by adding New Pattern, New Random or choosing a Random Method.
    Custom Algorithm

Now you can shred files and free space using your own, custom-made shredding method.